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Your part-time DevOps team that can help you be a Lean Startup. We're here when you need us.

Focus on Product

Your time is better spent on developing your product, not on time-consuming IT tasks. We'll take care of it.

Better Visibility

Are you looking at your data? Can you see your key metrics at a glance? We can fix that.

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Best Practices

Some things companies can focus on to be more efficient

Build-Measure-Learn Loop

Minimize the total time through the loop

Minimizing the total time through the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop is one of the key principles of the Lean Startup methodology. This can be achieved by focusing on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Validated Learning.

By using these principles, along with The Twelve-Factor App methodology, companies can innovate faster, smarter, and more efficent.

We help you turn the Lean Startup principles into a reality.

Continuous Delivery

Helps minimize the time in the loop

Automation is key towards continuous delivery.

If you have automated deployments to your separate environments, you can iterate on your product and get feedback faster.

We can give you a Continuous Delivery pipeline with an easy to use interface.

Metrics & Dashboards

Visibility is key — out of sight, out of mind

Being able to see data from the various parts of your company will help you form insights you might not have had otherwise.

Graphs and charts will help you achieve Validated Learning, and will help you get answers to your hypotheses.

We can configure a dashboard with all of your key metrics.

Cloud Expertise

AWS is flexible and powerful, and also complex

AWS has over 50+ services and continues to grow.

You can spend countless hours and days figuring out how to put together a solution that meets your needs.

We can setup the tools and services to get your feedback loop up and running.

Employee Delight

Happier employees, more productive employees

Let your employees focus on your product, not the mundane IT tasks.

With the right tools, your employees can get their job done faster:

  • Software Development Tools
  • Metrics & Dashboards
  • Automated Deployments
  • Self-Service Ops
  • Log Search
  • Error Tracking
  • Monitoring

We can be your IT & DevOps resource — we're glad to help!

What we provide

Your one-stop shop for DevOps + Automation + IT services
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ExpertiseOur recommendations are driven from first-hand experience

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ToolsWe vet our tools to ensure you get the highest overall value

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ServiceWe can provide the networking and hosting services for your tools

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SupportWe provide you ongoing support, whenever you need it

What you get

Some of the things you get by outsourcing your DevOps + IT tasks


Spend more time on your core product, while we take care of your tools


Better visibility into your data — what you don't see can hurt your business


Overall value when considering the complexity of the DevOps/IT toolchain and our solution


Tell us your needs and we'll "Get It Done" — eliminate figuring it out on your own


Better understanding of your business, once you get visibility into your data


Private instance of our platform — all your information is kept private


Feel happier when you can focus on your product and not on all of the IT tasks


Our platform integrates with your existing environment and is customizable


Ongoing support as you grow — we customize the platform as your needs change over time

Who are you?

If one of these applies to you, let's talk...
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Software You have a web or mobile application

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Content You have a blog or marketing web site

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General You use IT/SaaS products in your business